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Surgical Face Mask – Item Code 01002344

Product Code: 01002344

Minimum Orders May Apply

Materials: 100% spun-bonded polypropylene non woven fabric+middle layer high filtration(95/99%)+melt-blown +spun-bond non-woven fabric(SMS in short) are hypoallergenic, fiberglass free, latex-free, fluid resistant for making disposable surgical face product with enclosed padded nose piece and elastic ear-loops or open tie-on straps.
1. Meeting BFE99%
2.Perfect fitting, easy breathing, non-irritating
3. High filtration capacity
4. Latex free and fiberglass free
The nose bar is metal band, which can be bent easily and adapt to the contour of the nose
Application: Hospital clinical medical personnel and patients.Dust-free workshop, laboratory, food industry, electronic manufactures and so on It is good for persons working in hospitals, clinics, electronic workplaces, restaurants, hotels, catering, kitchens, and food processing workshops.

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