Safe Medical Basics provides tools to European suppliers and manufacturers to find each other and facilitate the production of Sanitizers ranging from wipes, gels, including IBC 500 / 1000 Litre , order with our branding / no branding or white label your own and protect in response to the COVID-19 crisis.
The Corona virus emergency has created an unprecedented global demand for protective masks, to be used by healthcare professionals, law enforcement personnel, workers in essential industry and service supply chains, and the population at large.
We publish a list of offers and requests for material, capacity or support to produce sanitizers, and relevant information on the topic.
European companies are welcome to submit their own request/offer by filling the form below. Please note, requests will be edited on their relevance and updated daily.

Sanitizer 500Ltr – Item Code (see chart)

Product Code: see chart

Made from a unique formula with a 70% alcohol concentration with biocides, Safe Medical Basics Hand Sanitizing Gel destroys 99.999% of germs, including those that are alcohol tolerant.

With aloe vera and glycerine, this gel is kind to hands, preventing the risk of dry or cracked skin.

We also have a liquid sanitizer which has a number of different applications. The liquid Sanitizer has a 70% alcohol concentration. This Sanitising liquid destroys 99.999% of germs and has added glycerine, to promote hand health.

IBC Size Product / Colour Product Code
500 Ltr Gel / Clear 94859077
1000 Ltr Gel / Clear 94859076
500 Ltr Gel / Blue 94859078
1000 Ltr Gel / Blue 94859079
500 Ltr Liquid Clear 95159009
1000 Ltr Liquid Clear 95159008

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